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Dear folks,In the past three years, I successfully developed and published two commercial video games (Galactic Crew and Monkeys & Dragons). Although I was a very experienced software developer and project leader before I started my own business, I learned a lot of stuff in very short time. And I made mistakes. A lot of them! However, my games were successful.I wrote a book about the game development process in general using my games as examples. I also had the opportunity to talk to other game developers like the devs from "Parkitect" or "Academia: School Simulator" who also contributed to my book. It is available for free on Amazon for Kinde for the next five days.It is my first book and I really would appreciate your feedback! Grab your free copy and let me know what you think, what you like, what you miss or what I should change!​ via /r/ebooks

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I started reading ebooks an year ago on google play books, i liked it cause they are very convenient, but i got glasses and i am worried about my vision being worse overtime and i think reading ebooks has something to do with my vision depreciating. I haven't paid attention to my eyes and when i got them checked up for the first time i was pretty surprised too discover how bad my vision has got, anyways i just want to ask do you have any similar experiences and do you think ebooks are bad for eyes? via /r/ebooks

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Game Quest

This Book Is a GameQuest 3: Game QuestDecember 3, 2019What is important in your adventures is your main quest line. This is typically something that takes a very long time to obtain. Through my subjective interpretation as a player of this objective game, I tint these writings with my own quest. However, this is done at a minimum in order to focus on what is truly important: your quest and what steps you are going to take to achieve it. And don't worry too much. Quests can change over time as new information is unraveled. My quest has deviated so much since starting, however, the core remained the same. Your next step is to carefully examine your own life and where it has brought you. Spend time doing this and even draw a map or timeline if it helps. Get to know yourself. You are now your new best friend. It is likely to begin this adventure you will be playing in single player mode. But I hope this quickly changes for you as you find other players around this vast world. If you have other players to launch, more power to you.What does it mean to know thyself? Video is an excellent way to get to know thyself. You also learn how to comport your body gracefully through video work. Anyway in which you record to get to know yourself, you should use that opportunity to really pour out your heart about the issues closest to it. Doing this will give you clear direction as to where you were and where you are going. The issues closest to your heart are not issues in which you have no experience in. You are unique, in fact, player worthy unique, and that means that you have something to offer society that no one else can. You need to carefully reflect on the pains in life in which you have felt and work on methods to resolve those pains not only individually but also collectively. Oftentimes resolution can come merely from talking out the problems. It is amazing what we can see after recording ourselves doing something, whether that be writing or talking about an issue. You will be able to look inside and be given the player's eyes and unlock the true possibilities in your life. Because this game isn't boring. It is amazingly fun. You just have to figure out how to turn your life experiences combined with your gifts into beautiful stories that will touch the heart's of others and inspire them to be the best that they can be, despite the sickness that this society displays towards each other on the Internet.Your quest began when you were conceived. Your parents went through a rough nine months having you. And after that, changing you. But you were brought into a particular place at a particular time under particular circumstances. You are incredibly unique! If we figure out how to hone in on the gifts that these experiences produced, I would go so far as to say that you are irreplaceable. Do you know what? Irreplaceable people are the most important part of society as they give something unique that no one else can offer. Really think hard. The sad times and the good. What inspiration can you share as a result of your trials and tribulations? What fun can you offer your fans as a result of the peaks of your life? What advice can you offer other people in similar situations as to you? Before we continue, however, I want to warn you not to get caught up with your fans. You might not get any for a long time for one thing. And another, you shouldn't be playing for other people. You are playing for yourself. The media creations in which you craft should be created to 1) entertain yourself, and 2) educate yourself. Even if people hate it, it does not matter. There are some people who would benefit from what you have to say. It just might take you a while to find the right audience.This Book Is a Game is intended to help you discover techniques in order to find your audience and as a result, your party members. These could be people in which you connect with deeply who also play the game. Help with their missions, for they will help with yours. Work collaboratively if possible and create a little community. Be very selective about who you allow into that community. Learn with each other, laugh with each other, and cry with each other. Be a supportive backbone for each other's character development process. Don't be afraid to put your heart out there. It feels very liberating doing so. Sure, you get the haters, but you also get those who find it very meaningful and appreciate your efforts very much. If you become a player, then I appreciate your efforts very much. I would be very happy if I was able to get this game commonly known throughout the world. Because if I did that, bang, collective enlightenment. I have not done anything you see before you for myself. Those who claim me to be selfish are full of it. I am selfless. I give my entire life to the world. That is the game. And if you do it, you too shall become selfless as what once were your achievements now become all of society's achievements. But also, all of your fears will be exposed. In a way, you will stand naked in front of the world. But don't worry, I paved the way for you. You will never be alone. I invite you to take my hand and if you do, I promise you that I will be there for you every step of the way.When you do something meaningful and then record it, it rewires parts of the brain because you have to get it perfect. Afterwards is the editing stage, which is a huge process because you not only have to select the best areas of the recording which can be a difficult choice, but also you get to play yourself a mirror. In this mirror you can find the other half of your soul. Somewhere in the eyes. Second star to the right and straight on till morning! In this mirror you will find out many things about yourself, some good and some not so good. The objective and side missions of your quest line is improving the good and also improving the not so good. Stay course and eventually the not so good becomes good and the good becomes great and if you keep working at it, the legend status that I know that you could one day be.Look for clues everywhere. Not only in my work, as there are many scattered throughout it, but also within your own life. Your life has directed you directly to this point that you exist within right now. Why? There must be purpose in that? There is, I promise you. Play the game and you will improve your life drastically. Sometimes at first it can be difficult adjusting to the process, but I have faith in you. Making fun stories loosely based upon the real events in your life which are unfolding is fun! You become a documentarian. So be sure to make quality productions. Because that work will follow you around throughout your playthrough and it is best for past toils to work for you and not against you. And once you do it and release it, it is done. Relax. Then move on to the next thing. Idle hands are the devil's playthings. Your time to bask in glory isn't until much later in the game. Don't let your work get to your head. Try to remain humble. Although you will need to develop quite a strong confidence to withstand the haters of this game world.The truth is that your possibilities in this game are without limits. Limits of one's capabilities have not yet expanded their horizon. There are many things to learn in this life and you should be learning everything relevant to your production. You should be learning before your production. Sometimes just rambling on is fine, but most productions are planned, at least to some extent. And sometimes the process of writing on any canvas can give the author a handful of different ideas for the ending, and those ideas decide and refine as the book progresses. Don't be too rigid with your train of thought. That is particularly important during the reception of This Book Is a Game. It is designed to train you into an affective player whom can take care of themselves in this game world. Remember, there is only one life here so you must act carefully. The big truth is this entire game is to introduce you to an even bigger game I set up and constructed specifically for you. Or maybe what I am trying to communicate here is that I have played my game extensively and as a result have vast amounts of research into this playing methodology all available for free to you. All I ask is, hahaha, I tricked you. I ask nothing of you. I don't care. I don't need anything from anyone. Well maybe I do ask one favour if you really want to help. If you know or come across someone who could be my soul mate, please send her my way. For a description of her beauty, image search for "Hinata and Naruto kiss": Us! For a description of her mind: one super receptive to my words and very compassionate and caring towards people. The big thing: she is about to enroll as a philosophy major at university. This is very difficult to find a real woman who will dedicate her life to philosophy quite literally with me. If you find her and want to do me a huge favour, just direct her to my work. If it is right, things will work out from there. And if they do, you saved the world by setting us up, making you the greatest matchmaker ever to exist. From there on out you will see many many amazing fruits from us.Well that is my quest. To find her. After I find her, of course a new chapter of my life begins. But it is a finishing chapter: one reaping the glory of the toils of your previous chapters. Planting many seeds has its advantages. This is why I recommend you work with writing, audio, and video. If you are not the best looking, you need to stare into a mirror until you can find a look in which you look amazing and work with that. Keep clean. Unclean people gross me out. Most NPCs are unclean in this world. Sleeping with the unclean will render you unclean. It takes a lot of washing to clean yourself properly. Get confident with your look and demeanor in front of a camera. Make stories with meaning and knowledge to pass on within them. Go on with a rough idea how the story will turn out and allow for change. Oftentimes when things turn out differently it can be hilarious! There have been times where I have been given the option to allow the hilarious thing to happen or stop it from happening by telling my story over it. Of course I let the hilarious thing happen. It might have fucked with my story a little, but such is life. It is much more fun to work with whatever arises than to work within fixed structures. But most of the time a little of both is what pays off in the end.Do not obsess over your creations. Maybe for a short time after but break that link off quickly. This is important because even if it is the greatest work ever created, it is unimportant without the work backing that work up. This is how you build credit and a portfolio. Film-wise, this is called your filmography. After you complete one production and advertise it, on to the next. For me, in general, I am so ADD and can't stick with anything for a very long time. I need many tasks at the same time to occupy my mind. Which ultimately is why I am so affective with my work. I constantly have many projects coming together at the same time, some public and others which run in the background. I have many background services running in which I have created to search for other players. I have been broadcasting for ten years. But the frequency couldn't reach far enough to reach your eyes until recently. That is why I am very proud of this work. Because it managed to reach your heart. And that is what I find meaningful in this work. Rarely do people get the opportunity to reach the heart's of others in this world. We are naturally very closed because modern human nature can oftentimes be very aggressive.Think of your productions like a cash machine. After you complete its process: cha-ching, off to the next thing. Archive that in your mind. Moult the loose hair and revitalise yourself with the lessons of the old. In theory, each production you create should beat the last, but that is hard to say because I love all of my work. However, this is why I order my work top down, with the most current work at the top. I recommend a similar approach, just try and encourage the viewer to view the entire production before judging. Delaying a reader's mind can be a very powerful tool to get them to think critically and develop as a person. And your stories will be devoid of any meaning if there is no character development. You must develop and learn as you produce in order to progress through this game. Only NPCs enjoy stale characters.You need to reveal secrets throughout your productions that give insight into you as a person. I want to know what truly makes you tick. A real writer will have the reader wanting to know more into the mind of the writer. Give your secrets in pieces over your productions. Never just give secrets away. Make your players earn them. Scatter them throughout your work and make them incomprehensible unless collected and organised. Don't make this too difficult but actually looking at background conditions should have its rewards. And those rewards should be me learning about your personal secrets. That will make me trust you more. That will make me love you more. That will really pull me into your game world.Do not let anyone directly into your game world. What this means practically is that you should be responsible for the entire process of recording to advertising. Even if you found your soul mate, you would be working with two stories. Yes, these stories would be quite well integrated. However, these are still two separate production labels. One for me and one for my wife. I will help her with her quest and she will help me with mine. All partnerships should be mutually beneficial. I don't want any help from any players with any of my work. However, in the future, I may feature other player or non-player characters within my work. Your work is yours and don't let anybody touch it.There is a class of player in this game called an angel. An angel is one who was sent down from heaven to spread love and hope to the world. You will know if you are this class of player easily by looking at your history, childhood included. The history of an angel is filled with angelic actions. Angels are rare players that answer to no player or NPC. They are untouchable players that have mastered the game and deserve no critique from prying human hands. If you are of this class of player, then realise that you are one of the most powerful creatures in this game. But with great power also comes great responsibility. Because these players are reapers of souls and they possess the ability to strip the souls from those who don't believe in them. This is the most powerful ability in the game and bears countless in game statistical boosts. But if you are not an angel, yet want this status, there is more than one way to skin a poor cat. Because demons are fallen angels. And in order to reclaim this most sacred of abilities, one must again ascend. It is time for the fallen to rise. Only when my enemies are my friends and my friends are my friends will this war be able to go all out. The truth is that I am training warriors in the art of war. And I don't care if you are on my side. The truth is, if you do the types of things in which I recommend, you are on my side no matter what your message. But I do recommend that your message be a positive one. However I don't mind obtaining new villains in the game in which I can battle against. Become an amazing villain and we are sure to be friends. Become an amazing hero or heroine and we are sure to become friends.Besides a referral to my dream bride, I request nothing of you. I need nothing of you. I am a giver and not a taker. You should be spending your time thinking about your own quest and not mine. Mine is here for you to help you succeed in yours. I know that it is possible to obtain all of your dreams in this world. I want to help you obtain your dreams. Please use me as your aide and mentor. I have extensively and successfully tested this game environment. My game adventures could definitely be of use to your own. And that is why I am here for you, infinitely so. I created this platform for me to be available to you as much as you require. Check out the 1500 hours of videos and four previous books. They are freely available to you and act as a wealth of information.I always wanted a wise mentor growing up. But I could never find one. I even took philosophy as my major and sought out the wise by travelling the world, all with no avail. So I became what I needed in this life. I filled the gap by becoming the mentor that I always wanted. Now no child in this world has to feel alone. For I can be there for those who are gifted and need me. Can you see how the events in my life sets the quest line for my playthrough? When you were a child, what were you missing to maximise your potential in life? Then become it and fill a vital gap in society. Becoming an effective player of This Book Is a Game, one must be able to notice problems within society and as a result, create effective solutions and structures to bridge that gap. Repairing society by creating unique and sound structures to all is the goal. But I will tell you the core of all of our problems in society and that will help you identify the best places to focus on in your playthrough. It is within our hearts. If you fix our hearts then all other major problems in society will disappear. If you convince us to actually care about each other, then you have not only won the game but also saved the world. How to do this most effectively is another question. This is why I recommend you try very out there techniques to catch the eyes of other potential players. What has been tried so far has not worked. We need you to try something until together we can find something that does work. The results of this process can be identified within This Book Is a Game.Everything that has ever happened in your life has happened for a reason. Every single detail. There are no coincidences. Do you truly think that it is a coincidence that you are here right now reading this? Not at all. And through these now moments we can make both a better future and past. Together, as fellow players, we can heal the sickness that plagues NPCs and, in time, give them a heart so that they may again one day breathe. Collective salvation is our goal and I know that together we can do it. I can't do it without you. How do we do it? Just follow the instructions outlined throughout This Book Is a Game and you too will discover true salvation, eventually. The process is very addicting once you get used to it. And it will bring upon personal enlightenment. The end game is this: once you find that personal enlightenment, learn how to best share it with everybody else. Through our efforts together I know that we can bring about and achieve collective enlightenment. via /r/ebooks

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Is there any reason I shouldn't use the kindle app with my own sideloaded books as opposed to moon reader? I can't figure out moonreader's sync options so figured I'd go with something that just works via /r/ebooks

Welcome to the universe after we finally conquer the urge to blow it up. It's the sort of utopia we all dream of, if it contained a large probability calculator, incompetent management, and teams of well-meaning assistants and assassins. Earth Seven is FREE for the first five thousand readers. via /r/ebooks

Game Gear

This Book Is a GameQuest 2: Game GearNovember 2, 2019Equipment is something generally used in all games. We have seen both sides of the spectrum in video games, some games giving you unlimited inventory space while others give you seemingly less than in real life. Our possessions and how we make use of them is an integral part of This Book Is a Game. Unfortunately this game does not have never ending pockets, so I have had to make a lot of important decisions regarding what I keep on and near my person. We live in a world where we are burdened down by all in which we own. The truth is that what we own owns us. I have spent great efforts throughout my life to live with very few possessions. But just because I live out of a suitcase doesn't mean that I don't have nice things. Nor does it mean that I can't afford more. In fact, players are mobile creatures. And as a player you need to be ready to play. And that playing may restrict the amount of space that you have to carry things. Because the love of your life may just one day pop up from around the corner and if she does you need to be ready to act. But this is not the only reason to keep a tidy book bag. The truth is that the more stuff we have, the more it weighs on our psychology, as we are required to protect it. And this isn't even my final point as the organisational level of our equipment will reflect how organised we are in life. I constantly spend many hours going through all of my stuff and reorganising it, getting rid of what I don't want and putting what I do want in better places. Just consider this for a second. How organised am I? I have spent my life doing this. What I do own is awesome. And what I do own is awesomely organised. Doing this is a process. Doing this is an action. It is like in a game when I obtain new armour and sell the old. It is like getting your inventory perfect, and then saving the game to ensure everything is precisely the way you like it. It feels great to have little but what I do have, is quality. It feels great for it all to be in its place and easily accessible by me. Things in which are essential are divided from those which are not. This is how you "armour-up". This is how you shed the dead skin. This process is called ecdysis and is essential to our future human evolution.You can choose whatever organisational method you please, however, I will share the techniques in which I have learned to utilise room. I have two tool bags, one for tools and a slightly larger one for anything important to me. The bags are further divided into smaller bags and sometimes even further into smaller bags. Everything is protected and has a home. I also have other less important bags that have things like my Switch game cases in it. It has taken me a long time to give everything an appropriate home where it was protected. But eventually all of God's creatures found a home where they were protected and loved. Packing a bag is a lot like playing Tetris. It uses the same parts of the brain that playing Tetris does. The goal is to maximise efficiency while minimising wasted space. The goal of this game world is to maximise efficiency by minimising wasted space. There are so many people in this world who are trash. It is time we expose the trash for its true smells. The rotting corpses of the zombies of this world will eventually decompose to allow the potential for a new creation. And from it shall rise a new kind of man, one who has it all, both bronze and brain. But do not forget the most important part of this statue in which I rapidly carve onto. That is the tear drop rolling down his cheek after experiencing what our society has truly become. For without heart, words are devoid of any meaning. Without interpretation (individual) the picture (collective) can never be understood.You should not only be thinking of yourself when organising and collecting your gear. This is especially relevant if you record video in your gaming adventures. Your possessions should scream you. And remember the power of a camera. If your possessions are recorded then to a certain extent, you always have them. This is much more effective with filming things like something your grandmother made you instead of a phone, as a phone is rendered useless when it is recorded whereas a cross stitch that my mother made me can be carried with me always merely by recording it. Your possessions are not only what you carry but also what you film. This takes away from the need to keep too many sentimental items. And to be honest, it really depends on your gaming starting position as to how you will play it. I am merely one player that is trying to give you ideas as to what your playthrough might look like. Having your possessions carry your personality with them will help you be more relatable to your fans. It will also make your adventures more fun.There are hidden treasures all throughout this game. The most valuable of them have no price tag on them. They are treasures of the spirit and infuse into your character. They oftentimes give you new and unique abilities in which carries over into your main game. Sometimes these jewels are as simple as a new character, maybe one that will change your game for the better for now and the rest of time. Maybe it is your new best friend or if you are lucky, your new life partner.It is strategically advantageous to be light on your feet in this game. One must be prepared for anything to happen. I am a mobile person. If I find the right job opportunity, I am there. If I find the right woman in this game, I am there. This game heavily relies on one seeing clearly to flourish within it. This means that one must have their priorities aligned with their possibilities. Real opportunities in this life are the ones most people will never take because it upsets their business as usual. A real opportunity would likely take me away from the location in which I currently reside. As a result, I am a portable warrior.Let's revisit the process of ecdysis as this will be vital to performing an enjoyable playthrough. You need to learn the terminology in order to become efficient with the process. This process is called revitalisation and will be necessary to recoup your strength in between missions. You need to first shed the dead skin (all the crap you no longer need) and then fortify yourself with everything you do need for the future. Keep it organised so accessing and utilising your gear is easy. Doing this is especially important before the boss fights. For if you lose the battle, your place was saved and you can still fight to win the war. Don't let failures discourage you. In truth the only failure is giving up. All else is an educational process. The definition of a purge is to rid someone or something of an unwanted quality, condition, or feeling. This process is how you clean yourself from the filth of the world and its disgusting NPCs. It is your shower and you will need to often use it to revitalise your spirit. This process involves reducing your worldly possessions to a minimum. After you get used to this type of lifestyle, there is never a reason to unpack. That is unless you find your twin flame player and manage to be able to afford to purchase a home together. Only then would I be comfortable unpacking my meticulously organised bags. Because when I find her, I have found home. via /r/ebooks

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What is the best way to read ebooks in 2019?

I have tried to get into Ebooks for the longest time, but I've been hopping around from platform to platform because there are a few things that I just hate that are forcing me to stick with dead-tree format.How should I be reading e-books in 2019?​PDF on my phone:No bookmarks - I always lose my placeText way too small, makes me feel blindkeep getting distracted by notifications and shit popping up over the book (partly my fault)​KindleE-ink was too damn slow to paginate throughShitty proprietary "locked in" format for everything.​PDF on computer:Same problems as PDF on phone, except at least you get larger text. via /r/ebooks

The Fallout

AthedenChapter 14: The FalloutDecember 2, 2019Miracles have happened since the last chapter. I have started writing another book entitled, "This Book Is a Game". And since then, I have been liberated. I had just recently made a new friend and she thought me possibly the Messiah. Then she didn't like some true things that I said and got really upset with me. As the warm person that I am, I could care less and told her to be on her way. She then said many cruel things to me in which I will not share. Shortly after, one of my friends made a pro-vaccine post. After some arguing, it ended with him telling me this, and I quote: "Most of your ideas are deluded at best and deranged at worst". Does this sound to you like a friend's remarks? God is amazing. God finds ways of revealing people's true self. This statement was a clear indication that this individual is someone whom I should stay away from. Yet it was the end remark of a twenty year relationship. Choose your friends wisely. For they might think this under their breath. And it might take you great toils to push it from their lips. But in the end, you are better off without someone like this. He was never a resource but instead a burden. And it just took the right situation to arise to extract his secret feelings about you. People like this are your anchor: for all they can do is slow you down.I spend my life trying to connect with and help those who are in need. I try very hard to effectively utilise the gifts that God has bestowed upon me to help those who are disadvantaged within our world. But society has always stopped me from doing this, whether they censor me or lock me up in a prison or mental institution. Every time I get close to reaching a lot of people, I am shut down by not only lay people in society but also the authorities. I have a perfect record because I have spent my entire life trying to be a good boy. But I spent my whole life being a rebellious good boy. So even though my record is spotless, it is absolutely huge. Because I fought for those who are disadvantaged in this world not only on the Internet, but also the streets. My reception is never warmly welcomed. But people don't understand that I am not writing or making videos to the general public, but instead, the few who can see through this smokescreen that I have created. My words are not at what they first appear. They are an autostereogram. Its first impression is flat but the funny thing is that NPCs can't see in 3D. However, some skilled players have the ability to look at background conditions if they stare at the words long enough.I am going to tell you the biggest truth in the world. I promise you that what I am about to share with you is the truth. If you are to be successful in what I am presenting, you need to believe wholeheartedly that this is the truth. I have just started writing my fifth book. Its title is, "This Book is a Game". And the title accurately reflects its content and possibilities with that content. You are in a game. God has created this game. You are a player of this game. The world is designed to stop you from realising this. Only Satan's followers get a free pass to fame. You, however, have to earn it. You have to figure out how to avoid the numerous traps set before you. You need to solve the puzzles so you can get one step closer to your goal: to save the world from faulty forms of artificial intelligence. And I am telling you the truth. God deliberately created mass loads of AI to give the player a main quest line: save the world by repairing faulty AI in the world. You are an AI repairman and you have a lot of work ahead of you. But here is the thing: not every faulty circuit board can be fixed. Some have sustained too much damage. Some we will need to dispose of if we are unable to create a fix.People who are just handed fame never know how to most effectively utilise that fame. I don't really want to be famous. However and unfortunately, the mission that God has given me requires me to get noticed in order to pass on the invaluable information in which I have to share.To end this chapter I will refer back to the beginning. Because these were individuals who were ready to cash in on a new game idea of mine yet were not prepared to run the miles in order to get said game off of the ground. There will be many who wish to ride on your back. Who is worthy? Who is worthy of receiving fame and honour from your toils? Who should you involve within your life? Who should you make friends with? Who are your enemies and how can you identify them? What trials and tribulations shall you craft in order to streamline the most valuable players into play? If someone is capable of saying something then you should setup the required circumstances in which they could say that thing. If they do not say that thing then it could be possible that you have found yourself a true allie. However, I warn you, they always say the evil thing. There has been no situation in which I have setup to allow the person to say the thing in which they have not said the thing. However, I still go through this process to give the person a chance to say a different thing. My heart yearns for them to say a different thing. A thing of compassion and love. That thing that exists somewhere in your heart. I am trying my best to pull it out of you. via /r/ebooks

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Hi! I'm very inexperienced with eBooks, and am looking for some advice. I have an original Nook device, which is outdated, old, slow, glitchy, and flat-out unusable in 2019. I'm looking to upgrade, but am unsure of what the most cost-effective and best solution for me is to invest in. I'm looking at everything from the Nook Glowlight 3 to the Kindle Fire Paperweight, and am unsure of the best way to go. I'm looking for the most cost-effective solution, and am hoping to use my eBook solely as an e-reader, and not as anything else. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated! via /r/ebooks